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 A READY-4-TILES shower base that allows you to save  preparation time and guaranties complete waterproof conditions. Comes with a square stainless-steel linear drain with a unique design that will add the final touch to your shower base.

A Ready-4-Tiles shower base including its square linear drain is the perfect solution to get a 100% waterproof tile shower, no leak, no problems and no complications unlike the more traditional tile shower. One simple piece easy to install. The only base on the market easy to install in only one piece, thin and esthetic. Can be installed in a corner or in an alcove.

 Patent pending in Canada and the United-States.


-Installation and tiling on the same day
- build-in slopes
-100% waterproof
-No-leak guarantee
-No need for extra waterproofing product during installation
-No deterioration, no mildew caused  by water infiltration 
-Unique at lower price      
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